Activities and Projects
The SCWE has succeeded to carry out and implement a number of activities and projects based on the objectives established for the organisation SCWE. Below are described different activities that we have so far implemented in different modes and manners.

Projects on Environment and Water Issues SCWE has carried out a project financed by Sida/Forum Syd in cooperation with the Mogadishu University. The project focuses on increasing the environmental and water awareness of the MU's students and staff and Mogadishu civil society organisations linked to the University. Click here to learn more about the project in Somalia.

Environmental & Water Awareness Raising Project 2006, Mogadishu, Somalia

Environmental and Water Project 2005 with Mogadishu University

SCWE made it possible in Mogadishu to celeberate first in history the World Environment Day. MU and its recently established Center for Water & Environment arranged a two day seminar and ceremony for the event . Read here more about World Environment Day in Mogadishu June 2005.

Meeting Between SWCE and Regional Coordinator of GWP-Eastern African was held in Stockholm on issues regarding to on-going preparation process for establishing of Global Water Partnership – Somali Chapter (read more)

SCWE has send and published several articles to the local newspaper in Somalia, in which we were informing the local people about the ongoing environmental degradations as a result of the armed conflict and the effects on the public health and social lives.

SCWE has also given interviews about Somalia's environmental concerns to a number of local and international broadcasting agencies. Click here to read and listen some of them.

Mogadishu University's representative in Sweden has participated in an international water conference in Stockholm, 16-20 August, 2004 (click here)

SWCE contributed to the yearly Horn of African Conference that is held in Lund since 2002 and organissed the Somali International Rehabilitation Center (SIRC) chaired by Abdullahi Jama. SCWE played an important role in the conference and presented several times papers on Somali degraded environment and water problems. Representative from the SCWE is now sitting in the Board of Directors of the newly established Lund Horn of Africa Forum (LuHAF) which will eventuelly replace the Somali International Rehabilitation Center (SIRC).

SWCE representative gave FAO office in Nairobi, Kenya a lecture on Somali environmental concerns and water scarcity problems on 8 July, 2007. The lecture was attended by more than a dozen of the FAO SWALIM project personel working in Nairobi, leading by its head Dr Zoltan. SCWE collaborates with FAO/SWALIM in Nairobi and carried out activities together, see the SWALIM News Letter (click here)

SWCE is now in a process of producing the first Somali book on Somali Water Resources - Environmental, Social, Economic, Developmental and Institutional Aspects. The book will come out during this year 2009 and will first be in Somali language, then in English.

Special Programs for the Youth People:

SCWE carries out special programs for the youth people in Stockholm. Based on one of the established objectives, which is the engagement and involvement of Somali youth groups in the field of environment and contributing to their process of integration in the Swedish society, the program for the Somali youth groups, which the SCWE runs since its establishment is three folds:

(1) The youth groups between the ages of 10 and 19 get support and help in their school home works which their parents can not assist, in order to contribute to their education development and better achievement in school subjects. This homework club activities occurs once or twice a week in public premises like the Rinkeby Folkets Hus;

(2) The youth groups between the ages of 15 and 20 get advises and guidance in their study choice after the high school or the upper secondary school. SCWE gives the youth groups graduating from high schools a special seminars on different national study programs given by the upper secondary. It also gives students leaving and graduating from the upper secondary schools a special seminars focusing on different university programs.

(3) The youth groups between the ages of 17 and 25 get a special lectures and workshops concerning global, national and local environmental stories and information enhancing and increasing their level of awareness and understanding. This happens in close collaboration with educational associations.

Project on Sustainable Development for Young Immigrants in Stockholm. In 2008/2009 we have implemented Project named Sustainable Development for Young Immigrants in Rinkeby (Hållbar utveckling för unga invandrare i Rinkeby) financed by the Swedish government through the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Arvsfonden). The project focused on awareness rising in the field of Sustainable Development for youth immigrants in Stockholm. The project targeted about 30 youth people of mainly Somali origin, increasing their capacity of both knowledge and understanding of inter-related issues in the areas of environment, society, economy. development and future. The project is mainly based on seminars given by experts in the field as well as practitioners from different local and national authorities, NGO and other individuals who are knowledgeable in the field of sustainable development and the environment. The project, which already attacted many young people will continue to its next phase in 2009/2010.

Second Year of the Project: We are now (2009/2010) in the second phase of the project, which this time focuses on environmental education for school pupils in Rinkeby. There are four youngsters working in the project. They visit the schools in the area and give smal lessons to the pupils between the ages 7 - 16.

Environmental Information Project (Miljö- information). A project on environmental information in Swedish and Somali languages. The project has been undertaken by SCWE and financed by the Stockholm Municipality´s district of Rinkeby. click here to see the Miljoinformation.

SCWE has also implemented two other projects on local Environmental Information (Miljöinformation).
(1) In close cooperation with Svenska Bostäder i Rinkeby, SCWE has carried out home visits to Rinkeby residents to inform them the value of protecting the local environment by taking care of garbage, and placing wastes from households in a better places. This project continued between Sept 2005 and May 2006.
(2) A project on environmental information which partly financed National Swedish Customer Agency was aimed at giving environmental information to local people of Rinkeby through seminars.

ACTIVITIES and Projects (see the achievements)

Below are activities and projects which SCWE carries out to fullfill its established objectives.